Why not use white shoes during rain?

White shoes during rain? Do you really want to know why you shouldn’t wear white shoes while it’s raining? If Yes… Let’s go

Oh hell yeah! i spoil my shoes now because i wear shoes of white color and it’s raining outside. So here these are. I don’t know why but whenever i tried to where my sweet white babies, the spoiling rain comes along with me. I don’t know why it comes all the time with me to spoil my beautiful day.

These hell sentences are mostly comes out from my mouth most of the time. But here the thing is why I’m avoiding to wear my white shoes.

wear white shoes during rain

What is going to stop me while I’m trying to wear white shoes during rain?

Well hell yeah! It’s bad that we shouldn’t wear shoes while it’s raining. Because if you go out with well polished, beautiful white shoes daffinatly they will get muddy. Do you like thoes muddy shoes?

The 2nd thing is here that cleaning a white shoe is harder then fight in a war ;p :D. So why are you trying to jump over 1-meter garbage with white shoes? But here we have something special for you if you want to ride off from muddy white shoes. Here is the method. 😉

The 3rd and last this is, you shouldn’t wear any type of shoes that can spoil in water or mud. Because your lovely shoes will go away, you feet will get rough too. So please don’t go out with your lovely babies while it’s raining outside.

How to go out with neat and clean shoes?

white shoes during rain

Sometimes, it seems necessary to go out like for job or to go to market to but something. And the bad thing is you only have to wear your best shoes. You can’t avoid your time, you can’t wait, you can’t be late etc…

So here the thing you must have to go.


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