How to remove old oil stain from leather Shoes

remove old oil stain

Welcome to Shoes Hunters. Hey You! Are you also curious about shoes like me?? Buying new shoes every session of the year?? Wearing new shoes for your job interview, and important meeting, etc. Want to remove old oil from your shoes?

All the things that matters are important for everyone. So, shoes are also important for our personality and we should to take care of them. As people notice your shoes first and these shoes show how your personality is?

So be focused on what you are wearing in your feet? Don’t let people say that you are not familiar with fashion or cleanliness. Don’t let anyone say that you are bad at showing yourself in public. Your shoes tells people that how confident you are in public.

Yes, I know you are curious about your shoes. Because good and classy shoes are actually the thing every professional cares about. But there is some unfortunate situation when your durable and pricey leather shoes got affected by oil stain.

How dirty shoes ruin your personality

Regardless of how attractive you are, filthy shoes will say a ton of negative things about you. Style, condition, yet above all, neatness of your shoes is something others will remember for an incredible impression of you.

Wearing another suit with shoes that you neglected to clean can just show that you aren’t dealing with yourself. Make certain to evacuate dust in light of the fact that there are no reasons for filthy shoes.

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But wait, don’t be upset about it… Yes, you hear the right words. Don’t be upset about it because I am here to show you a few techniques that are so simple and surely will help you to know How to remove old oil stain from leather shoes.

Most people use the traditional ways of wash their shoes by detergent trying for how to remove old grease stain from leather shoes, but I am warning you don’t go for it. It will never remove the oil stain rather it will damage your shoes.

Techniques: Here let’s go to know the techniques. I am going to discuss some new techniques so don’t be hesitant about it, be confident, and apply them to your shoes and enjoy the new look of your shoes.

Techniques 1: Using Hussard Oil Remover

how to get oil stains out of leather shoes
  • 1: Blot up liquid residue with a towel.
    The first step was to blot up. Don’t leave just stay and look at what the next step is?
  • Spray the affected part of shoes using Hussard Oil Remover spray by Avels. After spraying, the sprayed part will convert to light powders.
  • Let the product sit for 3 hours maximum.
  • Now use the shoe brush and rub the powder from shoes.
  • After rubbing the powder from shoes for 10-15 minute maximum you will see that it is Removing essential oil stains from leather.

Enjoy the new look of your shoes. 😉

Technique 2: Talcum Powder method for “how to remove oil stain from leather boots”

Is I have suggested the use of Hussard Oil Remover for removing old oil strain from your leather shoes above. But if the availability of Hussard Oil Remover seems difficult then you should try technique 2.

Talcum Powder: Talc is a soft, naturally occurring mineral used in baby powders, makeup, and deodorant. Industrial manufacturers also use talc in products such as ceramics and paint. Besides these properties, we can use it for removing old oil stain from our leather shoes because it has the ability to absorb oil from leather.

Here is just some simple step:

  • Rub the oil droplets with the help of silky cloth form a few minutes.
  • Now pour some talcum powder on the affected part of our leather shoes.
  • Let the product sit for 3 hours maximum.
  • Now pick the shoe brush and slightly rub the powder from it.

Enjoy the free of oil stain shoes. 😀

Technique 3: Use of Vinegar

Removing essential oil stains from leather

Vinegar is the common aqueous solution of acetic acid and trace chemicals that may include flavorings are available in every home. Do you know it can help you to remove old oil stain from your leather shoes???

Yes you can use this home based product for removing your shoes stain.

Here you can follow some simple step:

  • Blot up liquid residue with a towel
  • Pour 200 ml of vinegar in the bowl.
  • Take a small piece of silk cloth.
  • Sink the cloth for few seconds
  • Now rub slightly the oil stain from affected parts of shoes.
  • You will see that after a few mints it will absorb the oil.

Your shoes is ready to use.

Use of Baking soda to “how to get oil stains out of leather shoes”

You can also take baking soda for removing the oil stain from your leather shoes.

how to clean leather work boots with household items

Here is the few steps you can easily apply.

  • Blot up liquid residue with a towel
  • Take 2 tablespoons in 100ml of water.
  • Mix the mixture well.
  • Now wet the small piece of silk cloth in the mixture
  • Apply on oil stain of shoes.
  • Slightly rub only those areas where there is a stain.
  • Try to avoid other clean areas of your shoes, because there are chances of damaging the shoes.
  • After a few minutes of the struggle, it will remove all the old oil stain from it.

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Use of lemon juice and tartar cream to remove old oil stain

how to clean leather work boots with household items
  • Take 2 lemons and one tablespoon of tartar creams
  • Mix both the products in a bowl.
  • Now apply on oil stain using silk or cotton
  • Slightly rub it.
  • Try to avoid other clean areas of your shoes, because there are chances of damaging the shoes.
  • After a few minutes of the struggle, it will remove all the old oil stain from it.

Enjoy your shoes.

Technique 4: Using Liquid Dish-washing to remove old oil stain

how to get oil stains out of leather shoes

The use of Liquid Dish-washing is also good and affordable for everyone. you can find it everywhere. Easy to use and best for your problem too. The steps you should follow are given below.

  • Do you have a cup of water? Yes? Then waiting for what?
  • Take a cup of water.
  • Take a teaspoon of dish-washing liquid and put it into the cup of water.
  • Mix it well.
  • It is mixed well now, Dip a piece of sponge into the mixture.
  • Stroke the sponge against oil stain.

Warning: Don’t stroke too much. As too much stroke harmful for anything, It may damage your shoes, and using more liquid can damage the shine of lather so be careful.

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Let your shoes say what you are 🙂

In the examination, members were indicated pictures of outsiders wearing shoes and requested to figure the wearer’s age, sexual orientation, pay, political perspectives, economic wellbeing, and other significant character qualities. They had the option to accurately figure a shocking 90% of the wearer’s attributes — and every one of that depended just on that individual’s footwear!

We realize shoe matter in establishing the first connection, yet we didn’t realize they matter that much! So whether it be provocative red-base stilettos, hot sock boots, or exemplary naked siphons you love wearing, read on to discover what your preferred pair uncovers to others about you.

These things can actually help you to show yourself out in public with beautiful and shiny shoes. People may fall for you by only take a look at your shoes, either they know you or not.

You can upgrade your personality by just using how to remove oil stains from leather boots method. After these methods, you can survive in public with your old shoes.

So, be gentle with your shoes. Keep them clean and let them shine in public. Your shoes will never make you feel down. Even you are attending a job, meeting, school or parties, etc. Your shoes make everyone fall in you. So take care of your beautiful shoes. 😉

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