How to clean Your Dirty White Shoes?

How to clean Your Dirty White Shoes

Clean your dirty white shoes is another thing to discuss. But first, as we all know that shoes relate to our feet. So, as people note our shoes first we need to wear good, comfortable and clean shoes. Most of us prefer different colors. And many people choose matching shoes with dresses. And others wear what they feel good to wear.

Some of us like to wear chosen colored shoes like white, red, blue, etc. But it isn’t just good to get some beautiful shoes and wear than 2 or 4 times. We need to take care of them and keep them neat and clean. It’s a thing that if we leave our shoes in dirt or put them aside after coming back from a walk or party. Shoes will destroy and if they would be in good condition. They would rather look bad.

To put your impression fine on people you need to clean out your shoes. So let’s go and talk about white shoes that how we can clean dirty white shoes. For example cleaning shoes with baking soda or cleaning shoes with whitener.

Here we go…

Method to clean dirty white shoes

How to clean Your Dirty White Shoes

Here we are going to discuss about how you clean your white shoes. And as there are different methods to do this so, I’m going to share some of those with you.

1: Clean shoes with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Now we are going to discuss cleaning white shoes with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This is a fast and easy method to get back new white shoes without spending too much money. Here we need dry bowl, toothbrush, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. So, the method is given below:

1: Take a bowl for mixing.

How to clean Your Dirty White Shoes

2: Take one spoon of baking soda in a bowl.
3: Take one spoon of water in the same bowl.
4: Take one spoon of hydrogen peroxide in the same bowl.
5: Mix all the ingredients.
6: Take a toothbrush.
7: Dig toothbrush in the mixture and then make a layer on shoes.
8: Put then in sunlight for 4 hours.
9: Now rub softly that only powder fell down
10: Same for laces.

Okay now we done with it. Now wear it again and enjoy with your white shoes.

2: Wash your muddy white shoes with bleach and whitener or white polish

Because your appearance matters for us and we are here with another method. Here the things we need are toothbrush, washing tub, water, bleach, dry piece of cloth, and whitener. The method is given below:

1: Remove laces of shoes and brush the shoes first.
2: Now put some water in the washing tub.
3: Add some bleach in water.
4: Mix the water and put laces in it.
5: Dig brush in the mixture and rub softly on shoes.
6: Than dry shoes with a piece of cloth.
7: Repeat this method until dark spots get remove.
9: Now apply Whitener on shoes.
10: Let them dry

So, here we are done with our white shoes. Now you can wear them at any party or event. Enjoy your shoes and have a good day.


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