Can flat shoes cause back pain?

Flat shoes? :O That’s like wow, I really want to wear all these.
Oh! really? Don’t use these type of shoes most of the time, please.

Did you ever hear all these types of lines ever? Yes, these are true lines. I suggest these lines for you too. Because 80% of us face back pain on different stages of our lives. And the amount of people suffering from back pain is increasing day by day. Sometimes it may conspicuously cause of sports injury or by wrong bending way.

By the results of an American agency, back pain is on the 2nd number because of what people are visiting doctors on a daily bases. But surprisingly these are not only reasons for back pain.

Because, when you wear shoes, your weight goes over your feet five times more than the actual. If your feet aren’t able to manage your balance and releasing you back in your comfortable position. You can face problems elsewhere. It is possible that you decrease your pain by wearing proper footwear.

So here we go for our plane shoes why we are trying to avoid it?

We all know that shape of our shoes, way of our walk, and thy way we balance ourselves. And a healthy body matters a lot. so we can’t take any risk for any part of our body. We will tell you, what type of shoe it is better to walk at a party or alone. As healthy shoes take part in a remarkable role in back pain management.

Now we are going to talk about, Should we use a heel type of shoes or the flat one?

Flat Shoes cause of back pain

As back pain is the worst pain for special ladies. But you know, we take care of all of you and telling you that you don’t use plane shoes. When we wear these types of shoes our feet make a stretch of veins and bones from heel to back. And it becomes more painful when we bend down.

The 2nd thing is, these type of shoes doesn’t give any support to our feet to maintain our balance. It may cause slipping of feet. And it may hurt your ankle. Here we have really good news that we have best products for the injured ankle. Visit the link by clicking here.

3rd and the main thing is, we shout to take care of our bones. Because of the slippy sole of shoes, you may break your bones. And that would be more painful than all others. 😉

So please avoid too much sleepy sole shoes. And avoid wearing too many flat shoes.

High Heel instead of Plane Shoes

flat shoes

It maybe matters to you that you like flat shoes more than heeled one. Or maybe you are going to prefer high heel over the plane one. But please don’t try to do this. Don’t ever prefer anything on others. Because everything has its own pros and cons.

So, here about heels. Heels are the part of fashion and we can’t take our eyes away from it. Because these give us a different look. And heels are good for short height people.

But the thing we are talking about is our health relate to these things. That’s why we should choose a day or an hour with one type of shoes. Either that would be a heel or the flat. Whatever you are going to choose be careful that you choose best for your day.

Which one is perfect for you? Heel or flat?

We all know that heels are the most cause of back pain. Heels more than 2 inches cause lower back pain, as they might damage back posture. Shoe’s Heels hurts our paw and heel of our feet too. It isn’t wrong that you look beautiful with heel. But it affects your feet, spine, knees, and hips badly.

When we wear heels, our feet can’t perform work in a good way. Our weight comes towards our paw that makes problems for our feet and joints too.

That’s why we are saying that be careful while going to buy shoes. Choose the best shoes which make you feel safe and comfortable. But don’t get worried about all these we are going to show you the prons and cons of different types of shoes. This will help you to know which one is better for you.

pros and cons of flat shoes & heel shoes
Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of anything are good or bad of anything. These tells us about product’s reliability, rank, advantages, disadvantages and price etc. We are now discussing about the pros and cons of shoes.

Functionality of flat shoes:

Flat shoes are intended for comfort and viable strolling. However, even plane shoes can hurt your feet on the off chance that they don’t have curve backing to help keep your feet in the best possible position while strolling. Plane shoes can likewise help limit your tallness and give you an appearance and a sentiment of being prepared for anything.

Flat shoes come in numerous structures. Ballet flats are extremely famous, yet they can quite harm your feet after some time since they give no curve or ankle support. Plane sneakers give you a fun look and feel, while flip flops are not difficult to kick on and off.

flat shoes

Plane shoes have an assortment of consequences for your feet. The vast majority of them are acceptable since planes are far simpler on your feet than high heels. Which places unordinary measures of weight on your toes and the bundle of your foot. Notwithstanding, flip tumbles regularly cause rankles, and wearing ballet flats or other unsupported types of flats can make genuine arch issues after some time and make it agonizing to walk.

How flat shoes work?

Much increasingly genuine impacts of wearing plane shoes with practically no curve support solely incorporate fallen arches, which are incredibly excruciating and make strolling troublesome and practice for all intents and purposes unimaginable.

One may likewise get kindled tissues along the base of the foot. The last condition is called plantar fasciitis, and it can, at last, require drug and even medical procedures to recuperate on the off chance that you don’t right your footwear.

flat shoes

High heels have such awful notoriety, that numerous individuals imagine that level shoes are consistently a superior other option. Be that as it may, a decent pair of heels with sound backings can really serve you far superior to a terrible quality pair of planes.

Notwithstanding what kind of shoe you wear, ensure it fits cozily and doesn’t put undue weight on your toes, which can cause corns and bunions. Likewise, if your curves begin to hurt while wearing pads, get a supplement that will pad your ankles and keep them in the best possible position.


Level shoes are extraordinary for strolling, however, they are not generally alright for workplaces. On the off chance that you will be visiting a building site, for instance, ensure that you have thick soles on your planes. On the off chance that important, they ought to have steel toes.

Likewise, in the event that you are going for a prospective employee meet-up and you are a lady, you ought to abstain from wearing flats if conceivable. They will in general seem amateurish with female business clothing, and that can hurt your general impression.


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